Gé Peulen,
we will miss you as rock and pillar of the orphan home and we do wish your family and friends lots of strength with this loss.
Venlo-Blerick, 12/13/2019

Orphan home Kenya

Child in Africa, orphan child in Africa, a poor life.

Fortunately there are people in Europe and Kenia that apply themselves to accomodate these children.

Such an accomodation is offered by the orphan home in Kilifi, in Kenya.

For 500 euro per year, we can give a child a home, food, drink, education, medical attention and all what an orphan child in Kenya needs.

Give a child an opportunity with your gift!

With a gift to the foundation Children Kenya (Stichting Children Kenya), either big or small, you give a child a chance.

Of course, you can transfer your gift as well to our bank account to attention of 'Stichting Kinderen Kenia'.

The foundation 'Kinderen Kenia'

The foundation 'Kinderen Kenia' supports the Mudzini Kwetu Centre in Kilifi, a town 40 km north of Mombasa, a well known harbour city in the east of Kenya.

We have choosen to support this orphan home, as all gifts will completely benefit the children.

Several people, that already have contributed to the orphan home, have founded this foundation to organise their own help, as well as the collection of gifts, donations and other activities better.

Selfless devotion

Our foundation works completely unselfish without any payment to their committee members.

All necessary costs, to allow the foundation to function properly, are being payed for it out of the committee members' own pocket.


Deductable from tax

Gifts to our foundation are now deductable from Dutch tax, as the foundation has been designated as a so-called ANBI organisation.

Gifts can be transfered to our bank account to attention of the 'Stichting Kinderen Kenia' in Venlo, the Netherlands.

Please contact us for more information.

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