Gé Peulen,
we will miss you as rock and pillar of the orphan home and we do wish your family and friends lots of strength with this loss.
Venlo-Blerick, 12/13/2019

Regulations of the foundation

The foundation 'Kinderen Kenia' (Children Kenya) has been founded at October 9th, 2006 by notarial act.

The deed contains among others:

The goal of the foundation is to support the children in Kenya, more specifically the children in the orphan home Mudzini - Centre Kikanbala.

The committe members will not get paid for their activities and work.

A foundation like ours doesn't aim to gain profit, but is only meant to put the collected money on a special bank account and to adminster it by the committee and additionaly take care that the money ends up at the correct place.

This actually means, that the money ends up at the orphan home and will be spend well.


Deductable from tax

Gifts to our foundation are now deductable from Dutch tax, as the foundation has been designated as a so-called ANBI organisation.

Gifts can be transfered to our bank account to attention of the 'Stichting Kinderen Kenia' in Venlo, the Netherlands.

Please contact us for more information.

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