Gé Peulen,
we will miss you as rock and pillar of the orphan home and we do wish your family and friends lots of strength with this loss.
Venlo-Blerick, 12/13/2019

The story of Gé Peulen

In 2004 I went on holiday with some friends to Kenya for the first time. Via some German people, we ended up at an orphan home near Mombasa by accident.

This orphan home, Mudzini Kwetu Centre, is situated in the town Kilifi about 40 km from Mombasa.

The circumstances hit me in such a way, that I wanted to help. The choice to support this orphan home was an easy one, as literally each whole gift will benefit the children.

For just 500 euro per year, a child will have accomodation, food, education, medical attention and all the rest that is really needed.

At first, I paid it all out of my own pocket and some additional voluntary funding. But after visiting Kenya 8 times, I decided to organise the assistance in a better way and to found a foundation.

The foundation 'Kinderen Kenia'

The foundation allows to control the transfer of gifts better and guarantess continuity.

In the past years, we have realised 3 complete houses of stone from scratch. Nowadays, I don't go on holiday to Kenya anymore, but instead to help to extend the orphan home.

At home, we want to present the foundation at events more often and we hope that you will support us.

kind regards,

Gé Peulen


Deductable from tax

Gifts to our foundation are now deductable from Dutch tax, as the foundation has been designated as a so-called ANBI organisation.

Gifts can be transfered to our bank account to attention of the 'Stichting Kinderen Kenia' in Venlo, the Netherlands.

Please contact us for more information.

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